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As long as we continue to live in this world affected by the consequences of sin, the message about a coming restored world will continue to be a necessary subject, welcomed by people who are suffering because of the present situation of our planet. This reality calls for recruiting and continuous formation of new disciples who can dedicate themselves to spreading the message. This certification is offered by Andrews University and aims at preparing Pastors, Volunteer Lay-Pastors, Church Leaders and everyone who desirers to grow more in the theory and practice of biblical discipleship. 


2303 Brunswick Ave, Lawrenceville NJ 08680


- EARLY BIRD - $100

Before January 14, 2022.


After January 14, 2022.


DATES (9:00 a.m. - 11:00 a.m.)

February 6

March 6


May 15

June 12

July 10

August 7

September 18

October 2


November 5 (5:00 p.m.)

In order to complete this certification, students should complete a minimum of 36 contact hours with the instructors who will be teaching these classes, plus 60 hours of ministerial practice. 
DISC101 Discipleship: Terminology and related concepts

Course content—This course aims at instructing participants in the importance of discipleship as essential identity of the new believer. It also studies terms and concepts related to the work of disciples. The subjects of study in this course include:

  • Importance and meaning of discipleship

  • Obstacles and benefits

  • Discipleship and preaching

  • Discipleship and teaching

  • Discipleship and evangelism

  • Discipleship and apologetics (1 Peter 3:14-18)

  • The disciple as an ambassador



DISC103 Discipleship: Lessons from Christ

Course content—Christi s the model for Christian discipleship. Both His teachings and His experiences with some of His most renowned disciples offer valuable lessons for discipleship at the present time. Subjects of study:

  • Discipleship and the Great Commission

  • The widow of Nain

  • Zacchaeus

  • The lepers

  • The Samaritan woman

  • Nicodemus

  • The Gadarene

  • The rich young man

DISC105 Discipleship: Role models

Course content —The Christian disciple-maker is an experienced mentor who provides guidance to a person who wants to follow Christ. This course analyzes the work and the example of some of the most outstanding mentors in sacred history. Subjects of study:

  • Discipleship and mentorship

  • Moses and Joshua

  • Paul and Timothy

  • Jesus and His disciples



DISC107 Challenges of Discipleship

Course content —Discipleship as the key for evangelization faces many obstacles. Satan is against the formation of disciples who expose his delusions and against forming disciples who proclaim the Gospel of Christ. This course studies some of the most common challenges of discipleship.

  • Clericalism

  • Consumerism

  • Dogmatism

  • Scientism

  • Postmodernism, etc.

DISC109 Discipleship, teaching, and learning

Course content—The Great Commission features teaching as one of the main tasks of the disciple. Jesus gave His disciples the specific instruction to “teach” all the things He had commanded (Mt. 28:20). This course offers participants specific instruction about teaching and learning.

  • Principles of teaching

  • Models for teaching

  • Characteristics of Christian teaching

  • Presuppositions in learning

  • Stages of learning

  • The witness as a facilitator and teacher

  • Bloom’s taxonomy of learning

DISC102 Ellen White and Discipleship

Course content—Ellen White wrote abundantly about discipleship. The authority of her writings in the Seventh-day Adventist Church makes it necessary to carefully analyze the concepts she articulated on the subject. The following bullets represent some of the subjects White linked to discipleship.

  • Christ’s method to win souls (Ministry of Healing, 143)

  • Important teachings in discipleship—See index of her writings

  • Discipleship and mission stupor within the church

  • Duties and responsibilities of disciples

DISC104 Discipleship and the Holy Spirit

Course content—The study of the Holy Spirit is essential in the subject of discipleship, because it is that person of the Trinity who reproves the world of sin, of righteousness, and of judgment. Also, He guides us to divine truth, and grants us the gifts of the Spirit, thus enriching disciples with special ministerial qualities.

  • The need for the Holy Spirit in discipleship

  • The disciple and spirituality

  • The fruits of the Holy Spirit

  • The gifts of the Spirit and discipleship

  • The Holy Spirit and Trinity

DISC106 Discipleship and witnessing

Course content —Witnessing is one of the most important duties in discipleship. The subject of witnessing as a Christian duty appears very clearly in both the Old Testament and the New Testament. This course studies the subject of witnessing in the context of discipleship.

  • The universality of witnessing

  • Components of witnessing: witness, recipient, message

  • Christ as the center of the message

  • The faithfulness of the witness

  • Knowing the context

  • Receptivity and witnessing

DISC108 Practical Principles for Discipleship

Course content —Discipleship will never be successful unless we carefully apply its principles. This course presents practical counsels for discipleship.

  • Be centered in Christ

  • Avoid arguing

  • Share your testimony

  • Adapt to the context

  • The power of persistence

  • Prayer

  • Additional practical advice


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