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This certification studies the biblical theology of urban ministry, analyzing the origins of the first urban centers in biblical history, as well as some outstanding theological principles for urban evangelism. It also analyzes the anatomy of cities and their most common challenges. Also, the certification shares with participants basic principles for evangelizing urban communities. 




DATES (9:00 a.m. - 11:00 a.m.)

April 2

May 7

June 4

July 9

August 13

September 24

October 15

November 19


December 9 

In order to complete this certification, students should complete a minimum of 36 contact hours with the instructors who will be teaching these classes, plus 60 hours of ministerial practice. 

URBAN101 Biblical Foundations for Urban Ministry 

Course content

  • Urbanization in the Bible 

  • Urban centers in the Bible—Archaeology 

  • The mandate to reach urban centers 

  • Foundations of urbanization in the Old Testament 

  • Foundations of urbanization in the New Testament 



URBAN103 Social Stratification-anatomy and evangelism

Course content 

  • Urban anatomy—Neighborhoods, suburbs, ghettos, exclusive zones, etc. 

  • The upper class 

  • The middle class 

  • The upper-middle class 

  • The working poor 

  • Racial communities—ethnic groups 

  • Mixed communities 

URBAN105 The Urban Evangelist

Course content  

  • Every member as an evangelist 

  • The knowledge of truth 

  • Preaching by example 

  • Spiritual preparation 

  • Mission discipline 

URBAN107 Strategy for Urban Evangelism

Course content  

  • Identification 

  • Penetration 

  • Attraction 

  • Proclamation 

  • Persuasion 

  • Assimilation 


URBAN102 Ellen White and Urban Ministry

Course content 

  • An essential work 

  • Evangelism in cities 

  • The work within cities 

  • The work in specific cities 

  • The message: Centered in Christ, and contextualized 

URBAN104 Urban Challenges and Solutions

Course content 

  • The influence of globalization 

  • Cultural barriers 

  • Poverty 

  • Crime 

  • Illiteracy 

  • Drug addiction 

  • Prostitution 

  • Divorce 

  • Abuse: to children and others 

URBAN106 Urban Ministries

Course content  

  • Food—Food banks 

  • Education—Marriage, parenthood, etc. 

  • Service—painting, cleaning, washing cars, etc. 

  • Prison ministry 

  • Hospital ministry 

  • Health programs 

  • Festivities—Christmas dinner and gifts, etc. 

  • Inviting firemen, the Red Cross, etc. 

  • Financial lessons 

URBAN108 Small Groups in Urban Evangelism

Course content

  • Small groups to reach the rich 

  • Small groups to reach the youth 

  • Small groups to reach the poor 

  • Small groups to reach college students 

  • Small groups to reach professionals 


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