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Christian life stewardship encourages church members to respond to divine grace by dedicating all they possess to God.


Christian stewardship is not just about money, quite the contrary. It encompasses the care and proper use of body, mind, time, abilities, spiritual gifts, relationships with others, influence, speech, environment, and material possessions. The stewardship department encourages and assists church members in their partnership with God to accomplish the Lord's mission through the proper use of all His gifts and resources.




Our mission


  • Our mission is to inspire God’s people to fund the message of Hope and Wholeness.





  • INSPIRE members through media at the level of story that opens the heart to the Spirit’s influence.

  • EDUCATE members through redefining stewardship and its impact on their lives in the light of eternity.

  • IMPLEMENT stewardship through training, collaboration, and the development of resources.

La mayordomía de la vida cristiana anima a los miembros de la iglesia a responder a la gracia divina dedicando todo lo que poseen a Dios.


La mayordomía cristiana no se trata solo de dinero, todo lo contrario. Abarca el cuidado y uso adecuado del cuerpo, la mente, el tiempo, las habilidades, los dones espirituales, las relaciones con los demás, la influencia, el habla, el entorno y las posesiones materiales. El departamento ayuda a los miembros de la iglesia en su asociación con Dios para cumplir la misión del Señor mediante el uso adecuado de todos sus dones y recursos.




Nuestra Misión:


  • Nuestra misión es inspirar al pueblo de Dios a financiar el mensaje de Esperanza y Plenitud.




  • INSPIRAR a los miembros a través de los medios al nivel de la historia que abre el corazón a la influencia del Espíritu.

  • EDUCAR a los miembros a través de la redefinición de la mayordomía y su impacto en sus vidas a la luz de la eternidad.

  • IMPLEMENTAR la administración a través de la capacitación, la colaboración y el desarrollo de recursos.

La gestion chrétienne de la vie encourage les membres d’Église à répondre à la grâce divine en consacrant à Dieu tout ce qu’ils possèdent.


La gestion chrétienne de la vie ne concerne pas que l’argent, bien au contraire. Elle englobe le soin et le bon usage du corps, de l’esprit, du temps, des aptitudes, des dons spirituels, des relations avec autrui, de l’influence que l’on peut exercer, de la parole, de l’environnement et des possessions matérielles. Le département de la gestion chrétienne encourage et apporte son assistance aux membres d’Église dans le partenariat qu’ils nouent avec Dieu pour accomplir la mission du Seigneur par un usage correct de tous ses dons et ressources.



Notre mission:


  • Notre mission est d'inspirer le peuple de Dieu à financer le message d'espoir et de plénitude.




  • INSPIRER les membres à travers les médias au niveau de l'histoire qui ouvre le cœur à l'influence de l'Esprit.

  • ÉDUQUER les membres en redéfinissant l'intendance et son impact sur leur vie à la lumière de l'éternité.

  • METTRE EN ŒUVRE l'intendance par la formation, la collaboration et le développement de ressources.

Stewardship Leadership Training 2023


Interested in telling us your stewardship story? Hooray! What are the requirements? Easy!

  • The story must be true and about you!

  • The story must have a stewardship theme.

  • Maximum length: 3 minutes/500-word limit

What do you mean by “stewardship”?

Christian stewardship recognizes that all of our possessions (both tangible and intangible) have been given to us by God. God is the owner. We are the managers. Your story must be about your stewardship of your time or talents or resources for the glory of God. “I overslept and got lost” is fun to tell friends at a party, but a compelling stewardship story is the one you tell someone special to you, in an intimate café.

Stewardship stories usually fit one or more of these points:

  • Something very important is gained

  • Something very important is lost

  • Outside events create a crucial struggle

  • Focus on categories like: finances, tithe, taxes, making ends meet, family relationships, stress, health, work/home balance, addiction, investment

What happens after I submit my story?

Complete the form on this page; if Stewardship Ministries is interested in your story, we will get in touch and go over your story together. We will work with you on making the strong parts stronger.


Principles to Remember

Do. . .

  • Consider your audience — choose a framework and details that will best resonate with your listeners.

  • Identify the moral or message you want to impart.

  • Find inspiration in your life experiences


  • Assume you don’t have storytelling chops — we all have it in us to tell memorable stories.

  • Tell a story that takes place largely inside your head

  • Overwhelm your story with unnecessary details.


Great minds discuss ideas; Average minds discuss events; Small minds discuss people"



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